Welcome on my Stentec Sail Simulator Site.

This site is not an official Stentec site!

It is established to share my self created buoys, objects and sceneries with other users of the sail simulator.

All buoys and objects are build with Blender (use Link) and modified by 3D Editor from Stentec (use Link).



Boat 1 S3DBoat 2 S3DBoat 3 S3DHR 34-2 S3DKüMo S3DKüMo Buoy
Hallberg Rassy 342Coast Motor Ship

collection of different marksCollection of harbour marks, leading marks and leading lights

collection of several jettiesCollection of several jetties (german = Steg)
- lenght is given in meters (20m - 160m)
- shape is marked with 'T' or 'I'
- the number indicates the number of bollard rows, where
     0 stands for no bollard,
     1 stands for row of bollards on one side
     2 stands for row of bollards on both sides

e.g. "Steg 160m T2" means jetty is 160 meter long, has T-shape and bollards on both sides